Concrete Washout System

A solution to reuse concrete wastewater



The Conquip Concrete Washout System is a unique, simple solution to reuse concrete wastewater from the washing out of concrete trucks, concrete pumps and concrete skips. A complete best practice solution for concrete washout.

Designed in collaboration with leading UK contractors, it ensures all waste water can be either returned to the concrete batching plant for reuse in the next concrete mix, or reused on site in the wet-curing process or cleaning down concrete equipment.

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Key Benefits:

  • Environmentally-friendly methodology for recycling and reusing concrete waste water, typically from concrete trucks, concrete pumps and concrete skips.
  • Compact, best practice system that ensures an uncontaminated washout area and prevents alkaline water spreading across site.
  • Compatible with the Conquip concrete blowout attachment to allow safe blow out of concrete pump lines, ensuring that excess concrete in the line is not wasted.
  • Works in conjunction with previous models of Conquip skip washing systems, specifically column skip washing platforms.

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