concrete twinflow skip
concrete twinflow skip levered
concrete twinflow skip geared
concrete twinflow skip geared
concrete twinflow skip

Concrete Twinflow Skip

A versatile, multi-use skip for directional pouring of concrete.

The Conquip Concrete Twinflow Skip is a general purpose skip for fast and accurate placing of concrete.

It can be used as a bottom discharge skip for mass concrete pours, or as a side discharge skip for more accurate placing of concrete in shutters It can be either geared or levered opening for easy flow.



 Levered Twinflow SkipCS203-005001650mm 1460mm1110mm 1500kg 140kg 500litres
 Levered Twinflow SkipCS203-007501460mm 1810mm1500mm 2250kg 215kg 750litres
Levered Twinflow SkipCS203-010002000mm1700mm1510mm3000kg 240kg 1000litres
Geared Twinflow SkipCS204-005001650mm1460mm1110mm1500kg205kg500litres
Geared Twinflow SkipCS204-007501460mm1810mm1500mm2250kg215kg750litres
Geared Twinflow SkipCS204-010002000mm1700mm1510mm3000kg220kg1000litres
*Working Load Limit