chain sling with double shortener
double chain sling
chain sling
chain sling
chain sling with double shortener

Single Leg Chain Sling

A high weight capacity, durable, hard-wearing lifting chain sling.

The Conquip Single Leg Chain Sling is high weight capacity, extremely durable chain sling for lifting material and equipment with multiple lift points by crane, or a similar lifting apparatus.

The chain leg can be supplied with a shortening hook and is available with a single ended or double ended self locking hook.



 CO1-10-1ZX8Single Self Locking Hook 1000mm10mm3150 kg8
 CO1-13-1ZX8Single Self Locking Hook 1000mm13mm5300kg8
 CO1-16-1ZX8Single Self Locking Hook 1000mm16mm8000kg8
 CO1-10-1ZD8Double Self Locking Hook 1000mm10mm3150kg8
 CO1-10-1AD8Double Self Locking Hook & Shortener 1000mm10mm3150kg8
*Effective Working Length **Working Load Limit