Excavation Made Easy for Morrisroe

Principal Contractor: Morrisroe
Waste Removal: S Walsh & Sons
Project: 48 Carey Street
City: London, UK
Application: Basement Excavation
Solution: BulkX

The Challenge:

Morrisroe were responsible for a large phase of this prestigious project, including excavation and the basement superstructure.

One particular issue they faced was the final part of the excavation. Conquip got involved to help provide a solution.

Morrisroe identified that they needed a safe, cost-effective and easy way to excavate the remaining muck from site. We recommended the BulkX System, a solution designed by Conquip for efficient excavation and waste removal.

The Solution:

Conquip helped Morrisroe to choose the right specification of BulkX System.

Two skips were utilised, of 3m3 and a 4m3 capacity. By cycling the skips, the site team achieved faster muck away.

The system permitted Morrisroe to excavate quietly and efficiently, without needing temporary works designs or further permission
from the council for alternative schemes.

The BulkX System only required a one lane road closure, which was already in place to accommodate site welfare cabins.

The Feedback:
“We couldn’t have achieved this in any other way.”

Banksman at Carey Street, Morrisroe