Direct-to-Truck BulkX

BulkX is a quick, efficient muck away solution allowing excavation and transfer of the waste directly into spoil removal vehicles or stockpiles.

The solution consists of a large capacity crane lift skip designed to discharge when landed on the back of the truck. Once the feet of the skip are resting on each side of the truck, the crane operator continues to lower the crane hook, lowering also the lifting chains. This opens the BulkX doors, discharging the load safely into the back of the truck.

The system benefits contractors mainly due to it’s efficiency as less machines are required on site and major time savings can be achieved. Less machines on site also means reduction of noise and dust pollution benefiting the community. Space efficiency of BulkX proved to be vital for major city projects where site space can be extremely limited or where trucks have to be loaded at the roadside.

We can build any bespoke size required, depending on your crane and truck capacity.

For more information, please visit BulkX System page.



For bespoke dimensions/capacities available - please get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements.

CA525-030002930mm1700mm2880mm2806mm1350kg6000kg3000 litres
CA525-040003020mm1890mm2700mm2820mm1620kg8000kg4000 litres
CA525-060003650mm1890mm2890mm3440mm2090kg14100kg6000 litres
CA525-080003980mm2180mm2890mm3400mm2330kg16000kg8000 litres
*Working Load Limit