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The Forum


Super Roller CantiDecks installed in a stacked configuration on multiple levels.

ContractorKier and Shore Group

LocationGloucester, UK

In the heart of Gloucester, stands the Kings Quarter Forum. A multi-million-pound regeneration project that is transforming a former bus station into a 130-room, four-star hotel with a rooftop restaurant bar and office space, right in the city centre.
Kier is the main contractor on The Forum site, with The Shore Group overseeing all project logistics.

Tight on space, tight on time

A bustling building site in the heart of the city, meant logistical access to The Forum was difficult, and space was at a premium. The project was receiving continuous material deliveries to the site daily, all for different contractors to different levels of the 5-storey building.
The Shore Group needed to find a way to efficiently deliver goods on and off the site in a timely and safe manner.

CantiDecks: Creating synergy on-site

Enter the Super Roller CantiDecks
Installed in a stacked configuration on multiple levels of the building, the Super Roller CantiDecks enabled the road between the two buildings to stay clear with no obstructions and allowed materials to be transported straight into the building, rather than using up available operating space on the ground area of the site.
Installing the CantiDecks on different levels allowed each contractor’s materials to be delivered to the required level without the need for scaffolding. The Super Roller platforms can retract completely within the building frame, ensuring the full footprint of the deck at the bottom of the stack is available, if the decks above are rolled in. This makes unloading goods and moving materials between floors a seamless process.

“I would highly recommend using the stacked system of the Super Rollers. It means that you can just push one deck out, load on, pull it back in, and then you can drop down to another level, and do exactly the same again.”
Richard Hawkswell | Lifting Supervisor, Kier Construction

Conquip Super Roller CantiDecks in the skies…

The CantiDecks are easy to install with minimal disruption, and ready to use in a fraction of the time that it would take to design and construct a temporary scaffolding loading bay. Also, with models and temporary works loading charts available off-the-shelf, adding CantiDeck into your methodology at a preconstruction phase is a simple, quick process. If further, bespoke temporary works calculations are required, then our in-house engineers can support you.
The Forum had a total of 15 CantiDecks on site, which was a game changer for the project, enhancing efficiency as well as saving time and money.

“CantiDecks allow for a multitude of deliveries to be put into the building, once, and once only. Installing a CantiDeck is very simple, it’s a day’s training by a Conquip engineer….you can then install a CantiDeck within two hours….I would recommend these to any main contractors or sub-contractors who are looking to build a project on time, and efficiently.”
Chris Jones | Project Manager, Shore Group

A shift in methodology

This project showcases the evolving methods on construction sites aimed at enhancing overall operational efficiency. Using a series of Super Roller CantiDecks streamlines the construction process. As each level of the building is constructed, these decks are delivered on-site. They can remain in use until the façade is mostly completed. Stacking all the decks together allows the façade to be built close to the deck edges. This setup ensures efficient material loading and swift waste removal for all trades involved, for example, the M&E and HVAC contractors.

Time to get organised about your vertical logistics?

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