lightweight manhole box
lightweight manhole box
lightweight manhole box with extension
lightweight manhole box

Lightweight Manhole Box

A lightweight trench support system for forming a concrete manhole.

The Conquip Lightweight Manhole Box is a simple to assemble, two sided trench lining support system designed to be installed by an excavator using the ‘dig and push’ technique, or by simply carrying out the excavation and then lowering each box into place.

It is for use with smaller excavators or potentially backhoe excavators.  The manhole box is available in approximately 3 metres length and is is generally suitable for trench depths of up to 3 metres.

Using a large excavator, or digging a bigger trench? Our Lightweight Manhole Box may suit your requirements better.



Base BoxTL104-000132500mm2000mm1580kg23.5kN/m²
Extension BoxTL104-000142500mm1000mm920kg23.5kN/m²
Base BoxTL104-000153000mm2000mm1580kg23.5kN/m²
Extension BoxTL104-000163000mm1000mm920kg23.5kN/m²
*Excluding Struts Our team will provide more information on trench widths or working widths depending on requirements specified in your quote request.