fuel bowser
static fuel bowser, diesel bowser
fuel bowser
fuel bowser
fuel bowser

Static Fuel Bowser

A fully bunded, high quality and durable fuel tank for storage of diesel and other fuels on site and refuelling of machinery.

The Conquip heavy duty Static Fuel Bowser enables construction sites cut back on fuel delivery waiting times, due to fuel being safely stored on site.

Choose from wide range of sizes. The 880 litre (Nominal)/836 litres (95%) can be transported with fuel while remaining ADR compliant. The 2000 litre (Nominal)/1900 litres (95%) cannot be transported full. Please refer to the ADR Regulations for further detail.



FB602-00950Hand1320mm1150mm1150mm370kg1270kg880 litres
FB602-00950Electric1320mm1150mm1150mm370kg1270kg880 litres
FB602-02000Hand1350mm1150mm2300mm700kg2500kg2000 litres
FB602-02000Electric1350mm1150mm2300mm700kg2500kg2000 litres