Sydney Metro West

BulkX at Clyde Stabling & Maintenance Facility

Watch the implementation of a cutting-edge spoil loadout process at the Western Tunnel Package site for the City Metro, specifically at the Rose Hill site.


Gamuda Laing O'Rourke


Sydney, Australia

Project Overview

Gamuda Laing O'Rourke, aiming to enhance efficiency, engaged utilising a high-capacity, 14 cubic metre (14,000 litre) bin with a 25-ton capacity alongside a freestanding gantry. This solution, known as BulkX with a Discharge Gantry, significantly improves safety and efficiency by enabling direct truck loading without the need for temporary loading areas. The process involves four main steps: loading waste into BulkX, crane lifting to the discharge gantry, safe discharge into the truck, and flexibility in gantry positioning to accommodate project needs.

This system not only reduces machinery wear and tear but also ensures controlled waste movement, exemplifying a significant advancement in construction and waste management practices.