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BulkX is a system that allows contractors to excavate and transfer the waste directly into waste management vehicles.

This method consist of a large capacity crane lift skip which is filled at the location of waste removal and is then lifted and safely discharged into the back of the waiting truck.

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Direct-to-Truck BulkX

How it Works

This BulkX system does not require a gantry or landing frame to discharge. The skip discharges the spoil when the ‘feet’ are landed directly on the sides of the truck.

Discharge Location

The discharge can take place at any location within the boundary of the site or outside on the roadside, if approval is granted from the local authorities.

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Improving Efficiency at Parramatta Square

Check Direct-to-Truck BulkX in use at this major project in at Parramatta Square.

Image of Bulkx in use at Parramatta Square
bulkx mainland civils case study
bulkx mainland civils case study
bulkx mainland civils case study

BulkX with a Discharge Gantry

Where Direct-to-Truck is not suitable, we offer multiple configurations for BulkX to be used with an interlocking gantry. No temporary loading areas are required and controlled waste movement reduces wear and tear on machinery. Once locked with the gantry, BulkX discharges into the back of the truck at the control of the crane operator.

Step 1

Waste material is loaded into the BulkX skip using an excavator. This takes place at the location of the waste removal or excavation.

Step 2

The loaded BulkX is then crane lifted across to the location of the discharge gantry.

Step 3

The BulkX skip interlocks with the discharge gantry and is safe to discharge.

Step 4

As the lifting chains are lowered, the doors open under the control of the crane operator. The waste discharged directly into the back of the truck.

Gantry Options

Free Standing Gantry System

The free standing gantry system has a complete framework that the truck can drive within or reverse under the discharge area. The skip engages with the gantry and discharges directly into the truck.

The gantry can be crane lifted around site and used in different locations. This is particularly useful if the discharge position needs to change throughout the project.

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Fixed Gantry System

The fixed gantry system consists of a simple, bolt-down gantry framework which needs to be fixed into solid ground or a structure. This design is often used in muck bays.

Confined Space

This gantry system is designed to take up less space, when sites are tight and muck away discharge is taking place in the road.

Custom Applications
The fixed gantry concept can be customised to suit different applications and projects, such as a gantry which extends over the site hoarding to discharge into the truck.

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Pit Lane Gantry System

The pit lane gantry system enables contractors to use a gantry while maximising available space on site. The innovative gantry enables the muck-away truck to act as a counter-balance.

Confined Space
This gantry system is a compact method of using the BulkX methodology, when skip discharge has to take place on the road side and other delivery vehicles need to use the same route to access site.

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Success Stories

BulkX Demo

The Impossible Made Possible in Mayfair

A high profile, large scale construction behind a five storey, retained Georgian façade, opposite the prestigious Burlington Gate development.

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The Impossible Made Possible in Mayfair

The Mersey Gateway is one of the largest initiatives in the UK, identified as one of the UK governments Top 40 Priority projects in the National Infrastructure Plan.

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BulkX at Clyde Stabling & Maintenance Facility, SYDNEY

Watch the implementation of a cutting-edge spoil loadout process at the Western Tunnel Package site for the City Metro, specifically at the Rose Hill site.

Gamuda Laing O'Rourke, aiming to enhance efficiency, engaged utilising a high-capacity, 14 cubic metre (14,000 litre) bin with a 25-ton capacity alongside a freestanding gantry. This solution, known as BulkX with a Discharge Gantry, significantly improves safety and efficiency by enabling direct truck loading without the need for temporary loading areas. The process involves four main steps: loading waste into BulkX, crane lifting to the discharge gantry, safe discharge into the truck, and flexibility in gantry positioning to accommodate project needs.

This system not only reduces machinery wear and tear but also ensures controlled waste movement, exemplifying a significant advancement in construction and waste management practices.

Why Choose BulkX?

Cost Saving

This method is inexpensive compared to alternatives, due to less machinery and no temporary loading areas required. The controlled waste movement reduces wear and tear on machinery.


The skip is emptied in a visible, safe location, controlled by the crane operator, which means there is no need for any site operatives to access the discharge zone. It is impossible to unintentionally discharge.


This system is flexible and can be used for waste management in confined or space restricted areas. Less crane time and machines are required compared to traditional methods, offering cost and time efficiencies.

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