Autolock Blowout Skip

The safe, simple way of facilitating blowout of concrete pump lines.

The Conquip Autolock Blowout Skip enables blowout of concrete pump lines directly into the skip. This means the left over concrete in the pump line can be transported and used to complete the pour, rather than letting it go to waste.

The blowout cover is an attachment to an adapted Autolock Tipping Skip, which gives all the benefits of a standard Autolock Tipping Skip too.

Autolock Blowout Skip Hire Request

  • Concrete pump lines can also be cleaned through directly into the concrete washout system and waste water can be reused.
  • Complete with crane lifting points on the skip to enable easy manoeuvrability of the concrete in the skip to higher locations for pouring.
  • The Blowout skip cover has fork pockets and crane lifting points to easily remove it from the skip.
  • Complete with locking arms to prevent the cover from moving when blowout is taking place or when in transportation.
  • Autolock Tipping Skip design with gas assisted ram ensures automatic locking of the skip to the forks and prevents accidental tipping of the skip.
CS235-01200 1450mm 1925mm 1450mm 3600kg 515kg 1200 litres

*Working Load Limit