Ready, Site Set-Up, Go!

Start your project right with NEW site set-up equipment!

We recently discovered that many of our customers are not aware of the wide range of Site Set-Up equipment that we offer.

Not only do we offer a full range, our site storage and set-up equipment certainly has a lot to write home about, from innovative chain storage solutions to smoking shelters and COSHH stores.

And NEW products! We’ve just launched the Conquip Boot Wash, an IBC Lifting Frame and a COSHH Cranelift Drum Store (not just crane lift when empty – crane lift when full)!

What’s New?

  • Crane Lift COSHH Drum Store

    In addition to our already-popular COSHH Stores, we’ve now added another. This unit is designed for containing anything from large drums to small paint cans and can be crane lifted and fork lifted when full. Visit the product page here.
    cranelift coshh drum store

  • Boot Wash

    Our new Boot Wash comes in 2 standard sizes, 3-bay and single-bay units. It’s lightweight, flat-packed design means it can be easily moved around site by hand or by forklifted. Visit the product page here.

    boot wash

  • IBC Lifting Frame

    A lifting frame for crane lifting Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s). It is designed for a 4-point lift and can easily facilitate moving water and other liquids around site for use in different locations. Visit the product page here.

    ibc lifting frame

Starting a new project?

When a new project kicks off, we’re aware of how essential site set-up equipment can be overlooked, in the frenzy to get started. That is, until it’s desperately required on site and then you can end up paying over the odds for a piece of equipment that lacks quality, because you are left with no option but to purchase it from the nearest supplier possible.

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