CantiDeck exists to simplify and reduce on-site logistics by increasing the efficiency of vertical movements of materials and equipment.  Conquip cares about improving the effectiveness of tower cranes to ensure your project can be finished on time.


CantiDeck Systems

In 2005, tower crane time was a scarce resource and crane lifting required long periods of time.  We identified that many project delays were being caused by crane ‘down time’.

Our team looked at ways in which we could minimise the pressure on tower crane time by keeping it to a minimum and ensuring that the material movements were efficient.  More importantly, we wanted to find a way to reduce the costs for contractors.

We spoke with our clients and identified that most of the problems were often not caused by the high number of vertical movements, but by the lifting of large and bulky equipment and materials.  Another major factor that we had to consider was how we could increase the safety of moving awkward loads around site.

Our design team suggested several ideas, but by far the most popular was a large temporary platform that could extend from a structure to allow materials and equipment to be loaded in and out of the building.  The first model, the Fixed Flush system, was a great success with our customers.

CantiDeck was born.

Many new designs and developments followed, including the Super Roller and the CantiCrane.  In a few months, Conquip had created a complete range of vertical lifting solutions for our clients.  CantiDeck lives on with almost daily innovation and bespoke designs for our customers.


Waste Management

Waste Management

Cofferdam Excavation

Façade Installation

Basement Excavation

Materials Transportation


Pod Installation


Materials Storage

Installation of an Mechanical & Electrical scanner at St Guy's Hospital using CantiDeck

Equipment Installation




Cost Saving

  • The fastest loading bay for relocation and installation
  • High Working Load Limit capacity to enable loading of a wide variety of materials, equipment and pre-fabricated sections
  • On-site training provided so that site operatives can relocate platforms safely, when required on site
  • A safer method of loading materials into a structure as it provides safe access
  • Systems such as the CantiCrane can reduce overall project time
  • Less expensive than complex scaffolding systems and specifically engineered temporary loading platform

Case Studies

A first for Guy’s and a first for Europe

The first Radiotherapy Treatment Centre in Europe to be located above basement level, the £160m Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital defines a revolution in the experience of cancer patients.

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CantiDeck saves Principle Place project time and money

A large-scale, £350m office development construction in Shoreditch with an 11 storey steel frame structure, designed to form the new UK headquarters of online retailer

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