CantiDeck saves Principal Place project time and money

Principal Place

CantiDeck delivers simplified and fast loading of heavy and large materials despite space and access restrictions of central London location.


Seele Gmbh, Michael J Lonsdale


London, UK

CantiDeck Principal Place
CantiDeck Principal Place


Due to the central London location, the project was limited in terms of space and access restrictions, resulting in an increased demand on Brookfield Multiplex’s approach to safety and efficiency, specifically surrounding:

  • Transportation and installation of large façade panels.
  • Installation of prefabricated M&E units, to multiple locations within the development.
  • Deliveries via a single lane road closure.
  • Environmental impact to neighbouring properties.


The Conquip Consultancy Team identified CantiDeck loading platforms as the primary solution, which would enable:

  • Efficient transportation, delivery and installation of large items within a confined area.
  • Simplification of delivery logistics.
  • Minimal noise and traffic impact on nearby residential and commercial neighbours.

Our specialist consultancy team then worked with our partners to establish their project-specific requirements, in order to develop a bespoke solution.

Seele required:

  • Ease and speed of loading materials.
  • Flexibility to relocate from floor to floor as required.

Michael J Lonsdale required:

  • Ease of transportation for large materials
  • Load spreading for heavy items to ensure against damage

The team therefore developed a CantiDeck solution with a loading platform that was flush with the loading out floor to meet the partners specific needs. This solution enabled ease and speed of loading specifically large items, as well as flexibility to relocate from floor to floor as required.


"Throughout the project we worked closely with our partners so that we could identify and design a solution for both the clients’ specialist needs. By working together we could plan ahead, which helped maximise safety and prevent down time."

Simon Ham, CantiDeck Operations Consultant

"CantiDeck seemed to be the best solution for loading out all the materials that Seele needed for constructing the façade at Principal Place. The installation was simple, we craned it in and just tightened the screws and fittings to ensure it was safe. We used the two CantiDeck platforms that we had on hire for all the materials that were required, including glass panels that were approximately 10m2."

Vinzent Egger, Seele Gmbh

"The versatility, ease of use and ease of relocation was very beneficial to us. The pre-start service provided by yourselves was also very helpful."

Mehul Ruda, Project Manager for Seele Gmbh

CantiDeck Principal Place
CantiDeck Principal Place
CantiDeck Principal Place
CantiDeck Principal Place