Loading Efficiency for Award-winning Bloomberg HQ


Multiple installation of CantiDeck solves challenges of personnel & equipment movement as well as material storage for a multi-building project.


Sir Robert McAlpine, Josef Gartner GmbH


London, UK



The unique construction of two blocks separated by an arcade resulted in a very complex construction design. This led to logistic and access efficiency issues between the buildings, as well as vertically. The arcade dividing the building through the centre meant that access between the two blocks would be difficult above ground level. No footbridges had been considered until well into the project, which meant that site workers, materials and equipment would have to be transported down to ground level before being moved to the required level in the second building.

There was also a significant shortage of storage space on the site and the surrounding built-up areas requiring minimal disruption posed further problems.


After discussions with Josef Gartner, a Permasteelisa company, our Design & Consultancy teams put forward solutions to aid loading out, access and storage issues. We worked closely with them to ensure we met their requirements exactly.

Design, manufacture and installation of two CantiDeck Bridge Platforms to span the buildings allowed our clients to simultaneously load out both buildings as well as introduce efficiency for personnel movement. This solutions also reduced disruption to surrounding areas by minimising ground level movement of materials and site workers.

The next solution was to compensate for the lack of set down storage area. Design and manufacture of large bespoke structural loading bays on the roofs of the building made deliveries to site easy and also acted as storage space for the cladding material – one of the key features that makes this building so unique.



"They were useful, because it was the only means of unloading and distribution."

Paul Cooper, Construction Manager at Josef Gartner GmbH

"With this building we are creating a lasting legacy for Bloomberg and for the City of London. It’s a building that our business needs and that our people deserve and will stand as a symbol of past successes and future ambitions."

Michael Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg LP