Fixed Flush CantiDeck

A crane loading platform used for moving equipment and materials efficiently in and out of structures during construction.

The Conquip Fixed Flush CantiDeck crane loading platform is ideal for situations where reduced head room places working height at a premium, and where maximum clearance is essential. It is often used for applications such as installation of prefabricated modular units, striking formwork tables, installing large facade panels and awkward loads.

The loading platform props into a structure by way of a simple propping system between floors. The deck of the platform is suspended from the base of the main load-bearing beam, giving a true level, or ‘flush’ transition from the floor of the structure to the loading area.

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FF353500mm3000mm4000mm8000mm3000kg5000kg (8000kg in certain configurations)
FF454500mm4000mm4000mm8000mm3600kg5000kg (8000kg in certain configurations)
*Working Load Limit