Access and lifting solutions for the Queensferry Crossing project

Queensferry Crossing

Supplying high-quality products and innovative, bespoke solutions to Scotland's largest infrastructure project in a generation.


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Edinburgh and Fife, Scotland



The Queensferry Crossing is the longest, three-tower cable-stayed bridge in the World and the tallest in the UK. At 1.7 miles (2.7km) long, it is the largest construction project Scotland has seen for a generation, carrying the M90 motorway from Edinburgh at South Queensferry, to Fife at North Queensferry. In September 2011, construction began on the project with Conquip playing an integral role in the building process. Our vast range of high-quality, standard range products combined with our capability to provide innovative, bespoke solutions, made us the ideal partner to support a project of this magnitude. The Queensferry Crossing opened to traffic in August 2017 and was named the UK’s best infrastructure project at the 2019 Rics Awards Final due to the efficient time and cost savings of the build.


The main challenges presented on this project were transporting personnel across a large site with variable terrain and differing levels, ensuring the workforce had the equipment and facilities to carry out their jobs in the most-efficient way and safely manoeuvring large components for the build.


The sheer scale of the site meant moving personnel between workstations could have had major time constraints but Conquip’s standard range of Access Cages, with varying capacities of up to 12 people, made this process simple and effective.

Not only did we resolve a logistical issue with access cages and Gas Bottle Lifting Cages, we also leaned on the innovation of our design team to create solutions for manoeuvring equipment and facilities to the workforce in multiple locations across the site.

Conquip designed Welding Stores large enough to stock the tools and materials to complete the large amount of welding required to fix the bridge sections together. These could be crane-lifted to the location of the ‘hot works’ crews with ease, a huge time-saving factor. We also supplied our weather-proof COSHH Stores for storage of any hazardous, or, flammable substances required by the welders.

Another product specifically manufactured for this project was the Portable Toilet Lifting Frame. Due to the continuously changing environment of the site, facilities needed to be regularly transported to accommodate the workforce. This product was so successful during this project that it is now included in our standard range of lifting equipment, as it is ideal for excavation projects where ground level access is restricted.

The team also had to design a 91 tonne capacity lifting beam strong enough to transfer the bridge bottom deck panels. While we already offer a great selection of standard Lifting Beams in 3m, 5m and 7m, a bespoke version was needed due to the size and weight of the deck panels.

To pour the three large bridge towers, our Concrete Column Skips were preferred to using concrete pumps, as they provided the contractor with a more flexible solution for pouring concrete.

Products used for this project

Concrete Column Skip | Skip Washing Drip Tray | Goods Cage | Access Cage | Gas Bottle Lifting CageLifting Beam | Portable Toilet Lifting Frame | Pod Lifting Frame | COSHH Store


"We use Conquip because nobody else offers the service that you do. The reliability and diversity of what you can offer us, small bolt boxes to large carrying cages and bins, Conquip have always come through the best. Until we found Conquip, we never could get the consistency of quality and service. I would happily take your business to the USA!"

Jerry Kent, CSB Works Manager, Marine Works