Stretcher Cage

A crane lift frame for collecting and transporting injured personnel on an stretcher around a construction site.

The Conquip Stretcher Cage is designed as a safe method to transport injured or immobile personnel from a building structure or excavation. It is a safe alternative to lifting a stretcher up or down temporary stairways.

Stretcher Cages are a legal requirement on many sites. This cage is designed to fit a Conquip Foldable Stretcher with the injured person on, as well as one attendant.


Stretcher Cage Hire Request

  • Half-height, solid metal sides offer maximum protection for the injured person, as well as visibility for the crane operator and attendant.
  • Internal harness points, handrails and an ‘up and over’ door ensures safety, stability and maximum space for personnel.
  • Complete with fork pockets to make moving the cage short distances around site for storage easy
CA121-00240 2251mm 905mm 2540mm 410kg 240kg

*Working Load Limit

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