Maintenance Spill Kit

A general purpose disposable spillage kit.

The Conquip Maintenance Spill Kit is a disposable spillage kit for cleaning up spills of up to 15 or 50 litres.

To be located in all spill-prone areas, they are designed to absorb and retain all the liquid and are used to clear up industrial liquids including oil, coolant or solvent based spills.


  • Ergonomically designed kit for comfortable carrying and compact storage.
  • Kit includes waste disposal bags and cable ties for efficient disposal of used product.
  • High performance, quality grade absorbent products.
  • Kit comes complete with easy to follow instructions.
PE201 15 litres Chemical Pads x 10, Plastic Disposal Bag, Chemical Sock, Cable Tie
PE202 50 litres Chemical Pads x 50, Plastic Disposal Bag x 5, Chemical Sock x 4, Cable Tie x 5

*Working Load Limit

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