Conquip partners Revolve24 cycling endurance event


Committed to cycle safety

Conquip Engineering Group facilitates deliveries to the busiest construction projects across all major cities in the UK. We are committed to delivering a quality delivery service while maintaining our responsibility of cycle safety in each local community, indeed the safety of all vulnerable road users.


•Our team undertake regular training to ensure they are up-to-date with legislation changes.
•Our logistics team managers have conducted Safe Urban Driving to experience ‘real life’ cycling in cities.
•We have worked with other local business and suppliers to help them gain FORS and CLOCS accreditation.
•We’re using our profile as a FORS Gold member and CLOCS Champion to promote cycle safety.


As avid cyclists ourselves we know just how important cycle safety is. In our quest to reduce the impact of construction on local communities we want to unite construction and cycling to create a greater awareness of cycling safety both for the drivers and the cyclists.


“We feel a strong obligation to raise the profile of cycling safety in the construction industry. With the help of FORS and CLOCS we have implemented best practice throughout our delivery service, ensuring the highest standards of road safety. As well as working within the organisation we have also helped third parties gain FORS accreditation by giving them advice on how to improve their delivery service.” Garry Critchley, Managing Director

Uniting the construction and cycling communities

This year we are partnering with Revolve24 cycling endurance event to achieve our goal of uniting the two communities.

Revolve24 is a cycling endurance event held at Brand Hatch Motor Circuit on a car-free weekend, 16-17 September 2017. It is safe cycling on closed roads and is an excellent opportunity for the cycling community to come together.

We’re using the event to raise awareness of cycle safety in construction by inviting our partners to come and ride with us at the event and have some healthy competition within the construction league.

Taking to the tracks this year are two teams of 4 cyclists who are riding in support of our chosen charity of the year, Cancer Research UK.

“Revolve24 allows us a unique opportunity to bring together the construction and cycling communities. It’s important that both cyclists and drivers are educated about the real dangers of construction vehicles.” Garry Critchley, Managing Director

About the event

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    16th – 17th September

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    4no Colleagues or Friends

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    Construction League Prizes

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    Race Length

    24 hours (shared between a team of 4)

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    Conquip are on site to provide essential support

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    Brand Hatch Motor Circuit, DA3 8PU

Get involved

There are plenty of opportunities for contractors and partners in the construction industry to support our campaign.

Sponsor Team Conquip in their ride for Cancer Research UK here

Contact us to join the team!