goods cages range
goods cage
goods lifting cage
small goods cage with open gate loaded with a pallet
small goods cage with ramped access
small goods cage with ramped access loaded with pallet truck
ramped goods cage
large goods cage with open side ramp
large goods cage with open end ramp
goods material lifting cage
goods cage with short side ramp for goods lifting
large goods cage with open gate and loaded with pallets
detail of a goods cage crane lifting point
goods cages range

Goods Cage

Lifting cage for transporting and lifting materials or equipment.

The Conquip Goods Cage is a safe, convenient method of transporting materials to and from high or low locations on site.  With the increase in regulations around lifting materials safely on site and offsite construction, the Goods Cage is an asset to any project.

It is manufactured in a range of sizes and with ramped access variations. Available to crane lift or fork lift for easy manoeuvrability around site.



CA118-01638SmallStandard Access1280mm1280mm1280mm3000kg270kg
CA124-01658SmallRamped Access1300mm1360mm1300mm3000kg300kg
CA118-03277LargeStandard Access1280mm2560mm1280mm3000kg450kg
CA124AK-03277LargeRamped (End Access)1280mm2645mm1300mm3000kg460kg
CA124AL-03277LargeRamped (Side Access)1300mm2560mm1300mm3000kg500kg
*Working Load Limit