crane forks cage
crane forks cage
crane forks cage
crane forks cage from a front view with crane forks
crane forks cage with ramp
crane forks cage loaded with a pallet truck
crane forks cage with crane forks front and back view
crane forks cage

Crane Forks Cage

The fail-safe method for moving and lifting blocks and bricks.

The Conquip Crane Forks Cage is a steel box to safely carry pallets of bricks or blocks and is only designed for use with Conquip Crane Forks, including the fixed and telescopic height models.

The concept was designed in conjunction with leading UK contractors and lifting personnel, following a lot of near-misses and accidents with Crane Forks being used with a net. The main concerns were due to brick pallets or wrapping failing and safety restraint net user error.

As a manufacturer, we recommend this as a fail-safe way of transporting bricks and blocks around a building site, when used with the Crane Forks. It is not a standalone piece of lifting equipment.



*Working Load Limit