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About CantiDeck

We identified that there were common issues that project teams face on site around vertical logistics and goods movements. Their concerns included: safety of personnel while working at height, inefficient crane movements and costly temporary works and scaffolding systems.

Setting ourselves a challenge to overcome these issues we talked to our clients to identify how we could make vertical movements more efficient on site. We focussed on the moving of awkward or heavy loads of goods or equipment in and out of a building during the construction phase. Our design team proposed the concept of a temporary loading platform that could extend from a structure to allow materials and equipment to be loaded in and out of the building.

Fixed Flush CantiDeck

Fixed Flush CantiDeck

Super Roller CantiDeck

Super Roller CantiDeck

Why Choose CantiDeck?


The fastest loading platform for relocation and installation. High Working Load Limit capacity to enable loading of a wide variety of materials and equipment.


We provide on-site training, provided so that site operatives can relocate platforms safely, when required on site.


Systems such as the CantiCrane can reduce overall project time. Less expensive than complex scaffolding systems.

CantiDeck Loading Platform

  • CantiDeck Beam Extension Configuration
  • CantiDeck High Sides Configuration
  • CantiDeck Sliding Props Configuration
  • CantiDeck Bolt Down Configuration
  • CantiDeck Spreader Beam Configuration
  • CantiDeck Side Bolted Configuration
  • CantiDeck Extra Long Prop Configuration


We offer a wide range of different configurations to ensure the CantiDeck loading platform can work in a variety of applications.

We offer a wide range of prop configurations to ensure the deck is compatible with most building structures.

Also, there are configurations which increase the safety of the use of the CantiDeck, such as high sides, which provide extra protection for site workers when slinging and banking awkward loads.

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CantiDeck has been used on a wide range of projects, including applications such as facade installation, materials transportation, waste management, pod installation and storage.

By collaborating with contractors and project teams we can identify a sequence of works that simplifies movements and allows large and bulky equipment and materials to be transported easily.

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