Edge Protection

A full safety system for trench shoring excavations.

The Conquip Edge Protection is a full safety system that can be fitted to trench shoring equipment which includes panels, telescopic clamps and poles.

It can be provided to suit your site specific requirements, either with a Conquip Trench Shoring system or for other areas on site. The Conquip Telescopic Clamp has been designed to allow you to transport a box configuration without having to remove and reinstall the clamped system every time.

Looking for trench access options? Our Trench Access Platforms offer safe gated access to excavated trenches.



Edge Protection PanelEP100-000011170mm130mm1790mm25kg
Edge Protection Telescopic ClampEP100-00002340mm130mm1790mm5.6kg
Edge Protection PoleEP100-00003340mm75mm470mm5.5kg