conquip boot wash station front view
conquip boot washer close-up
boot wash station detail on brush
boot washing station close-up on hose connection
boot washin single and triple bay
conquip 2 boot washing station conncected
conquip boot wash for construction sites
conquip boot wash station back view
triple bay boot washing station
single bay boot washing station
conquip boot wash station front view

Boot Wash

Stand-alone boot washing station providing an area for site operatives or visitors.

The Conquip Boot Wash is a stand-alone boot cleaning station designed to clean off site operatives’ or visitors’ footwear before entering clean zones, such as site cabins or newly constructed buildings. The system has a raised anti-slip grated platform, with boot brushes, an integral water feed, hoses and hose spray guns.



SS600AC-00001Single Bay980mm490mm710mm50kg
SS600AC-00003Triple Bay980mm490mm1600mm86kg