bulkx bulk excavation system with fixed gantry configuration
fixed gantry front view
fixed gantry left view
fixed gantry right view
bulkx bulk excavation system with fixed gantry configuration

Fixed Gantry BulkX

Fixed gantry BulkX configuration consists of bolt-down gantry framework and BulkX skip.

This is a very compact configuration of BulkX system, often chosen for sites with limited space and also sites where discharge of muck happens on the side of the road. Thanks to the simplicity and size, fixed gantry is often used in big cities to minimise restrictions to traffic.

The gantry is fixed in solid ground or a structure. The BulkX skip, once lowered into position, locks with the gantry allowing the crane operator to lower the lifting chains which opens the  doors of the skip, discharging the spoil directly into trucks or muck bay.

This system can be customised for specific requirements, for example a gantry extending over the site hoarding to discharge into a truck.

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The Fixed Gantry configuration allows for all our standard BulkX skip sizes below. Bespoke skip sizes are also available upon request. Contact our team for more information regarding bespoke solutions.


BulkX 3000CA505-030001255mm2230mm1985mm2620mm1350kg6000kg3000 litres
BulkX 4000CA505-040001150mm2940mm2005mm2630mm1500kg8000kg4000 litres
BulkX 6000CA505-060001876mm2765mm2930mm2930mm1800kg12000kg6000 litres
BulkX 10000CA505-100001485mm2127mm4250mm4250mm4000kg25000kg10000 litres
BulkX 12000CA505-120002175mm3088mm2568mm5200mm4100kg24000kg12000 litres


*Working Load Limit