Concrete Washout

What is concrete washout?

Concrete washout is a common procedure of cleaning concrete trucks, concrete pouring skips, pump lines, and other concrete equipment from a remaining concrete after being in use on a construction site.

Since the millennium, increasing concerns around sustainability in construction and responsible use of resources resulted in many contractors looking at new ways of reducing their environmental impact in relation to water efficiency.

This is why today the term ‘concrete washout’ often represents a safe process of concrete washout implementing new approaches to the re-use of concrete washwater.

Why is it important?

Our Solution


Up to 170 litres of water is needed for 1m³ of concrete and even more water is used during washout.

Responsible management of hazardous concrete waste

Safe concrete washout is vitally important to achieving sustainable construction and successful site waste management.

Concrete washout water contains extremely high levels of alkaline (pH 11-13) which means it is as corrosive as oven cleaner and hugely damaging to vegetation and eco-systems, killing fish and other aquatics species.

If concrete wash water is not managed correctly, not only is it detrimental to the environment, it is also costly to resolve. 

Legal Responsibility

It is illegal to dispose of highly alkaline waste into the sewers and current methods of treating the water to reduce the ph levels are costly and ineffective:

  • Diluting with fresh water – ineffective and highly wasteful (100,000 litres of water is required to neutralise 1 litre of water at ph12).
  • Chemical treatment – expensive, risk of over-dosing the water making it acidic.


Conquip Concrete Washout System for Recycling & Re-use of Wastewater

The Concrete Washout System is our one-stop solution for concrete washout.

Its design ensures all waste water from trucks, pumps and skips can be either returned to the concrete batching plant for reuse in the next concrete mix, or reused on site in the wet-curing process or cleaning down concrete equipment.

Our solution reuses 100% of concrete waste water making it the industry’s best-practice solution for on-site concrete waste management.

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conquip concrete washout system
Concrete Washout System in action at Heathrow T4
concrete washout system for washout of concrete skips and trucks
filtering bags for filtering of concrete water

Key Benefits

  • Creates uncontaminated washout area.

  • Prevents alkaline water from spreading across the site.

  • Captures large concrete particles within removable filtration bags.

  • Compatible with previous models of Conquip skip washing systems.

  • Compatible with Concrete Blowout Attachment for safe blow out of concrete pump lines.

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Our Concrete Washout Solutions

The Concrete Washout System is just one from our great range of concrete washout solutions. Plus, we also offer some innovative solutions to concrete blowout. View the full range here.


Developing New Solutions

Collaboration with Toureen Group

Designed in collaboration with leading UK contractor, Toureen Group, the Concrete Washout System ensures all waste water can be either returned to the concrete batching plant for reuse in the next concrete mix, or reused on site in the wet-curing process or cleaning down concrete equipment.

It truly is a complete best-practice solution for concrete washout.

Conquip have collaborated with many contractors over the years building up strong working relationships and a reputation for being a trustworthy and valuable partner in the process.

Have a browse through our Case Studies and view the scope of  projects we have added value to.

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Bespoke Products

Our design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to collaborate with contractors to continuously create products that improve efficiency on-site and reduce the impact on the environment, like the bespoke Concrete Washout Skip and Concrete Blowout Skip.

Concrete Blowout Skip

The Concrete Blowout Skip is a robust, secure skip, complete with a lid, that helps facilitate safe blowout from concrete washout.

Concrete Washout Skip

Predominately used to capture concrete waste water from agitator tank pumps. The skip is fully watertight to ensure no concrete waste water can escape.

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Concrete Blowout Skip, blue render graphic

Feedback From Site

Feedback is vitally important during new product development. Listen below to the positive feedback we received for the Concrete Washout System.

Bobby McPartland
Crane Supervisor | Toureen Group

Rudi Durling
General Foreman | Costain