Concrete Column Skip

A versatile, all-purpose skip for pouring concrete.

The Conquip Concrete Column Skip, sometimes known as a Tremie Skip, is a versatile, all-purpose skip for pouring concrete.

The Column Skip can be used for more than just columns, it can be used for walls, narrow formwork and pipe laying work.

Available in a range of sizes from 500 litres to 4000 litres with or without a bale arm. 3m discharge hose included.



With Bale ArmCS210-005001270mm1970mm1130mm1500kg290kg500 litres
With Bale ArmCS210-007501370mm2260mm1520mm2250kg330kg750 litres
With Bale ArmCS210-010001370mm2125mm1520mm3000kg380kg1000 litres
With Bale ArmCS210-015001750mm2360mm1780mm4500kg640kg1500 litres
With Bale ArmCS210-020001750mm2610mm1780mm6000kg650kg2000 litres
Without Bale ArmCS210AA-005001270mm1970mm1130mm1500kg360kg500 litres
Without Bale ArmCS210AA-010001370mm2120mm1520mm3000kg480kg1000 litres
Without Bale ArmCS210AA-015001750mm2360mm1780mm4500kg570kg1500 litres
Without Bale ArmCS210AA-020001750mm3210mm1780mm6000kg650kg2000 litres
Without Bale ArmCS210AA-030001950mm3210mm1950mm9000kg1000kg3000 litres
Without Bale ArmCS210AA-040002148mm3774mm2337mm12000kg1480kg4000 litres
*Working Load Limit