Drag Box


Product Overview

The Conquip Drag Box is a simple to assemble, edge-supported trench lining system intended to be used by an excavator using the excavate and drag technique.

They are designed to provide local support for trenches as transportable ‘shields’ generally in stable or self-supporting ground conditions. The Conquip Drag Box is normally selected for installing utility pipes in non-urban environments where increased laying rate is required and ground movements are not critical.

Benefits & Features

  • Suitable for trench depths of 4.4 metres and trench widths of up to 3.2 metres
  • Designed to be used with Conquip Fixed Struts for maximum strength
  • Manufactured from high quality Grade S355 steel
  • Available with a full range of suitable lifting and extraction chains, edge protection and trench access accessories
  • Limit State Design Load: 44kN/m2
  • Drag Box Base Box
  • Fixed Strut connection point on a Drag Box
  • Lifting point on a Drag Box
  • Drag Box extraction point

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