Pod Lifting Frame


Product Overview

For situations where the use of a CantiDeck is not feasible, the Pod Lifting Frame enables the transportation of pods to the required structure level. It fits flush against the building for easy transfer from the lifting frame into the building.

The pod can be secured in the cage using the integrated attachment points as can the frame be secured to the building.

Benefits & Features

  • Pod Lifting Frame is supplied¬†with 4 single leg lifting chains to enable easy attachment of the crane chains without use of a ladder
  • Frame doors lock in place as extra safety precaution
  • Fits flush against building structure to allow for easy transfer from the cage to the building
  • Integrated attachment points to secure pod in cage and secure the cage to the building
  • Conquip Pod Lifter in Use
  • Conquip Pod Lifting Frame Secured to Building to be Unloaded

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