Product Overview

After listening to our customers and observing project constraints we realised that by reducing dependency on the tower crane we could majorly improve the efficiency of vertical logistics on site.

Designed to reduce total dependence on tower cranes on a project, the Canticrane can be used in conjunction with a CantiDeck crane loading platform to load materials and equipment in and out of a structure. They are most efficient when used with the Super Roller CantiDeck as they can be used to move materials between floors quickly and easily.

Benefits & Features

  • Can be used in conjunction with CantiDeck crane loading platforms¬†to reduce dependency on the tower crane
  • Durable system with a large lifting capacity of 2000kg at the end of the lifting boom
  • 8 metres length extending boom
  • Installation and training can be provided by our on-site support team
  • Conquip CantiCrane Lowering to CantiDeck
  • Conquip CantiCrane Loading Materials onto CantiDeck
  • Conquip CantiCrane Prop
  • Conquip CantiCrane with Lowered Beam Unloading Goods
  • Conquip CantiCrane Unloading CantiDEck Loading Platform

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