Boat Skip


Product Overview

For use for general muck and waste removal, the low loading height and drop down bale arm makes filling very easy.

Designed with drop hanger, hook ring and latch for automatic emptying of the skip by the crane operator, eliminating the need for an assistant to manually operate.

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Benefits & Features

  • Automatic unloading eliminates the need for an assistant and for the Banks man to enter the ‘danger zone’
  • Lifts and tips part loads, a physical impossibility with traditional, manually operated, circular much skips
  • Available in a wide range of capacities, from 500 – 8000 litre, or can be made to measure to suit specific requirements
  • Available with net to keep dust pollution to a minimum
  • Conquip Boat Skip Product Image
  • Conquip Boat Skip Large Capacity Product Image
  • Conquip Boat Skip Discharging
  • Conquip Boat Skip with Net



(with bale arm)

CA108-00500 500 litres 540mm 1350mm 1420 mm  1320mm 1000kg 130kg
CA108-00750 750 litres 650mm 1590mm 1660mm 1380mm 1500kg 231kg
CA108-01000 1000 litres 650mm 1790mm 1970mm 1620mm 2000kg 250kg
CA108-01500 1500 litres 910mm 1970mm 2200mm 1620mm 3000kg 300kg
CA108-02000 2000 litres 910mm 2280mm 2240mm 1810mm 4000kg 370kg
CA122-02000 2000 litres 946mm 1525mm 1970mm 1582mm 4000kg 860kg
CA122-03000 3000 litres 1006mm 1629mm 2147mm 1985mm 6000kg 980kg
CA122-04000 4000 litres 1150mm 1750mm 2347mm 2123mm 8000kg 1450kg
CA122-03000 6000 litres 1380mm 2400mm 2870mm 2280mm 12000kg 2020kg
CA122-04000 8000 litres 1480mm 2400mm 3070mm 2380mm 16000kg 2400kg

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