Autolock Dumpster


Product Overview

The Autolock Dumpster is a faster, easier and safer method of transporting waste material than conventional forklift dumpsters.

It cannot be accidentally tipped as it is emptied by adjusting the angle of the telehandler’s forks. A hydraulic ram ensures automatic locking of the skip to the forks, and its unique design guarantees 100% restraint on the forks. Simply drive your forks into the pockets and the Autolock mechanism will clamp itself to your machine. To detach simply land the dumpster, the Autolock will release and you can reverse away.

Benefits & Features

  • Autolock system eliminates the need to attach safety restraint chains
  • Utilising the telehandlers’ tilt function to tip the load ensures that the Autolock cannot be accidentally tipped
  • No levers or cables are required to discharge the Autolock so the driver can remain safely seated within the cab
  • Standard width fork pockets reduces the need for adjustment of forks
  • Heavy duty, thoroughly tested and built to last; designed to withstand the daily rigours of construction sites
  • Raked-back design prevents damage to the dumpster
  • Autolock Tipping Skip mechanism in use
  • Autolock, completed manufacture and ready for distribution

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