High-rise Residential Construction

27 Commercial Road

Overcoming complex ground engineering with close collaboration and partnership.




27 Commercial Road, London


Ardmore approached Conquip to discuss the complex residential scheme at 27 Commercial Road. One of the biggest challenges was that the 22 storeys residential tower is situated in a very busy area of Aldgate, bordered by neighbours with no set-down area on site at all. Further complexities included a live fire station next to the project and very limited access to site.

Our projects division’s main concern was the impact that the construction process could potentially have on the local community, particularly during the excavation and ground engineering phase.

From a ground engineering perspective, the basement was not excessively deep at 2 storeys below ground, however the geometry and ground conditions meant that there were a lot of varying forces and considerations when planning the temporary propping and excavation sequencing.



Working with an outline scheme from Ardmore’s structural engineer, we collaborated with them and the site team to design a ground engineering scheme that was safe, facilitated a fast excavation sequence and worked with the equipment that was available on site.

Firstly, the scheme had to be safe and had to facilitate all the basic ground support requirements. Conquip supplied a full design scheme with all the suitable loadings and engineering calculations to the client.

Secondly, the excavation sequence was carefully considered. Due to 27 Commercial Road being such a tight site and the local area very busy, we had to ensure that the system could be delivered and installed quickly. During project meetings with Ardmore’s site team we also discussed the equipment that was available and as a result designed a very modular propping system to ensure that it was efficient to install.

Under pressure to work to a structured programme and sequence, Conquip supported the team, overseeing the install of all the props and constantly measuring and checking ground conditions during the excavation phase.

Finally, the most important factor was collaboration with Daniel (Construction Manager, Ardmore) and the site team. Not only did we ensure that the scheme was value engineered to deliver value for money for Ardmore we worked directly alongside the team on site to understand their daily challenges and how we could improve our processes and way of working with them throughout the project.


The project to date has run smoothly, strengthening a mutual collaborative relationship between Ardmore and Conquip.

"Conquip were involved at every stage, including the design and installation. Conquip and Ardmore worked together as a good team. I will definitely be working with them in the future."

Daniel Bojian, Construction Manager, Ardmore

"What was unique about this project was the geometry to the site…It’s a very tight site, with a lot of force and a lot of pressure from the ground, in a very, very small space – a real challenge.

The relationship between Conquip and Ardmore was such a success because of the integration we have with their project team…Conquip are not just a supplier, we’re a partner."

Jethro Knight, Technical Manager, Project Division