Upright Concrete Skip

A versatile, multi-purpose upright skip with a large funnelled opening for easy concrete pouring.

The Conquip Upright Concrete Skip is a versatile, multi-purpose skip for easy concrete pouring.

Designed with a large cone-shaped bottom discharge and a levered opening mechanism, the skip allows concrete to flow freely, to pour columns, walls, formwork and pipe laying work.


Upright Concrete Skip Hire Request

  • The skip is versatile, suitable to be lifted by crane or or manoeuvred with a forklift.
  • The large opening with a movable bale arm allows the skip to be filled quickly and easily, as well as offering safety.
  • The skip is held in a safe upright position at all times due to framework design.
  • Provided with a 3 metre length of reinforced rubber discharge hose and pull rope for pouring concrete.
  • Robust design to ensure durability on construction sites.
  • A strong spring retractor ensures automatic closing of the discharge gate when pouring is complete.
CS223-01000 2200mm 1300mm 1500mm 500kg 3000kg 1000 litres

*Working Load Limit