Trench Sheet Driving Cap

A cap to aid driving trench sheets into the ground during installation.

The Conquip Trench Sheet Driving Cap is a durable cap to protect the top of a Trench Sheet during installation. Designed with loose connection fingers which interlock with the Trench Sheet profile, fitting most types and sizes, to aid driving the sheet into the ground with an excavator.

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Trench Sheet Driving Cap Hire Request

  • Loose connection pegs to allow movement for fitting the cap over the trench sheet profile.
  • Available in two size options to fit the profile of both the Standard Lap Trench Sheet and HD2 Trench Sheet.
  • Complete with bow shackles, or a hole in the head of the cap, for easy lifting.
TL900067 236mm 63mm 300mm 15kg
TL900090 360mm 160mm 660mm 50kg