Trench Access Platform

A gated platform for safe access to an excavated trench via an access ladder.

The Conquip Trench Access Platform is an access platform that provides gated access to an excavated trench, via an access ladder. The platform fastens securely to the edge of a Trench Box or Manhole Box.

When used with Edge Protection to provide a full Trench Shoring safety system, this ensures there are no openings along the edge of an excavation.

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Trench Access Platform Hire Request

  • Fitted with safety devices including guard handrails and self-catching gate mechanism.
  • Complete with safety chain as a secondary safety device to prevent against falls.
  • Quick and easy to install, clamps directly to the side of trench shoring systems.
  • Fits to uneven ground due to adjustable supporting poles.
  • The platform can be folded down for maximum efficiency when in storage or transport.
EP100-00004 1100mm 1275mm 1020mm 130kg