Static Fuel Bowser

A robust, durable and ergonomic tank for storage of fuel on site and refuelling of machinery.

The Conquip Static Fuel Bowser enables construction sites cut back on fuel delivery waiting times, due to fuel being able to be safely stored on site.

The smaller size can be transported when full, due to being ADR Approved.

Static Fuel Bowser Hire Request

  • Crane lifting points and four-way fork pockets included for ease of transportation around site, or on and off a delivery vehicle.
  • Complete with corner lugs for ability and ease of stacking.
  • The small size can be transported when full, due to being ADR approved.
  • Fitted with a hand pump as standard, a range of electric pump options are available on request.
  • Three additional feed/return ports for maximum utilisation, all housed within the secure, lockable access hatch.
  • Dipstick included for measuring the quantity of fuel in the tank.
FB602-880 1350mm 1150mm 1150mm 1192kg 370kg 880 litres
FB602-1760 1350mm 2300mm 1150mm 2588kg 730kg 2000 litres

*Working Load Limit

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