Smoking Shelter

A shelter from bad weather and to provide an outdoor, designated, safe environment for site workers to smoke.

The Conquip Smoking Shelter is a modular, steel framework to provide shelter from bad weather for site workers to be able to smoke in an outdoor, designated, safe environment.

Complete with lifting points and fork pockets and designed with partial sides for ventilation.

Smoking Shelter Hire Request

  • Partial steel sides and open front to provide ventilation and ease of access.
  • Sides are at least 50% unenclosed to comply with regulations.
  • Solid steel floor prevents precipitation ingress and ensures the shelter can be placed on most surfaces.
  • Complete with mounted cigarette bin and bench seat.
  • Crane lifting points and fork pockets included for ease of transportation around site, or on and off a delivery vehicle.
  • Providing a designated area increases safety and the welfare and care of employees.
SS901-07200 2400mm 1500mm 2000mm 325kg