Small Skip Washing Platform

A cleaner and safer way to wash out concrete skips on site. The first upright Skip Washing Platform available to the UK construction market.

The Conquip Small Skip Washing Platform facilitates a compact, safe method of washing out concrete skips on site. It allows site operatives to access and use a wash hose or jet-washer to clean the skip, whilst the skip is held in an upright position in the robust frame.

Regular cleaning of concrete skips prevents deterioration due to build up of dried concrete.

Small Skip Washing Platform Hire Request

  • Compatible with Conquip Column Skips from 500 to 2000 litres (other options available for larger skips).
  • Complete with access stairs and harness point.
  • Reinforced, one-piece, robust frame with lifting points to enable a single crane-lift.
  • Compact design for when space is premium.
  • The platform is most often used with a Conquip Skip Washing Platform Drip Tray to contain the waste washout water and residue that remains from the cleaning process.
CS231 2475mm 3215mm 2455mm 2100mm 1500kg 450kg

*Working Load Limit