Manhole Shutters

Easy to assemble shuttering for pouring concrete manhole surrounds.

The Conquip Manhole Shutters are simple to assemble, pre-formed, steel shutters to assist with pouring of concrete manhole surrounds.

Complete with an easy locking mechanism, Conquip Manhole Shutters can be used with concrete manhole ring sizes from 675mm to 2700mm.

  • They are designed for use as a temporary shutter when casting a concrete surround around precast concrete manhole rings.
  • Different configurations of panel ensure they are versatile and can suit a wide variety of manhole ring sizes.
  • Easy locking pin and catch mechanism.
A TL900075 900mm 1530mm 30kg
B TL900076 900mm 620mm 20kg
C TL900077 900mm 250mm 15kg
A  TL900018 1800mm 1530mm  66kg
B  TL900019 1800mm 620mm  36kg
C  TL900020 1800mm 250mm 27kg

For further information about Manhole Shutter configurations, please refer to the User Guide.