Lifting Beam

A beam for transporting materials that require more than one lift point.

The Conquip Lifting Beam is designed to transport any form of material that cannot be transported using a single point lift or a chain sling, or more than one item at a time.

The beam has two attachment points for connecting to a crane on the topside, and multiple points for attaching goods to be lifted on the underside.

Lifting Beam Hire Request

  • Designed with a built-in stand to prevent fouling of the hooks when landing the beam on the ground and to allow easy access to attached lifting chains and materials.
  • Multiple lifting points allows flexibility of load sizes and quantities.
  • Lifting point design allows the chains to be fitted directly to the eyes, without the need of a shackle.
  • Tested and certified to a Factor of Safety 2.
  • Designed and manufactured is the UK from quality British and EU steel.
  • Bespoke sizes of Lifting Beams are available on request.
CA233-05000 817mm 3000mm 473mm 5000kg 170kg 6
CA235-05000 817mm 5000mm 473mm 5000kg 260kg 10
CA237-05000 817mm 7000mm 473mm 5000kg 350kg 12

*Working Load Limit