Glass Lifting Frame

An A-Frame stillage for crane lifting glass and facade panels.

The Conquip Glass Lifting Frame is for crane lifting glass and façade panels safely and easily around construction sites.  The ‘A-Frame’ shape ensures maximum protection for the panels while achieving maximum capacity.

Glass frames are securely strapped on to either side of the frame and then lifted, using a suitable chain sling, to the destination.

  • Inclusion of standard width fork pockets increases maneuverability, making short distance movement quick, and reduces the need for adjustment of forks.
  • A large and a small size frame available.
  • A-frame stillage design to allow maximum capacity, while offering maximum protection for crane lifting glass and facade panels.
  • Customisation options available, including castor wheels.
  • Designed and manufactured within the United Kingdom from British and European steel.
CA227AA-02000 1750mm 2300mm 1200mm 2000kg
CA227-02000 2750mm 2400mm 1600mm 2000kg

*Working Load Limit

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