Excavator Pouring Bucket

A bucket that can be mounted to a quick hitch for pouring concrete and other materials.

The Excavator Pouring Bucket, or ‘Excavator Concrete Bucket’, is designed to pour concrete when attached to an excavator quick hitch.  The concrete is discharged from a concrete lorry directly into the bucket and can then be manoeuvred and poured in the required area.  It is especially beneficial for small sites and civils works, where a concrete skip or concrete pump are not required.

As well as concrete, other materials, such as loose gravel, can be poured using the excavator pouring bucket.  

Excavator Pouring Bucket Hire Request

  • Easy transportation of concrete to areas where a concrete lorry can’t get to, due to ability of the excavator to track across uneven ground to the pouring location.
  • The bucket has a large 700 litres capacity for concrete or materials.
  • The concrete pouring bucket is designed to fit directly to the quick hitch of an excavator. It is compatible with 13 tonne to 22 tonne excavators.
  • The excavator pouring bucket has storage for 65mm and 80mm pins, for ease when using different sizes of excavator.
  • Full control on excavator and funneled bucket design means the bucket can be used to pour small detailed areas, such as drainage runs and directly into foundations.
  • The funneled bucket design ensures a very directional pouring of concrete.
  • Rehandling of concrete is prevented, due to the excavator concrete bucket being filled directly from the concrete lorry.
  • It helps to prevents waste of concrete when too much is brought to site as it can easily be transported across site to be used for other uses.
  • It must be loaded by another piece of machinery – it is not designed to scoop from a stockpile on the ground.
1210mm 1775mm 1020mm 280mm 2100kg 460kg 700 litres

*Working Load Limit