Excavator Pouring Bucket

Concrete pouring bucket for excavator used for transportation and pouring of concrete and other materials in areas where a lorry can’t get to.

The Excavator Concrete Pouring Bucket is designed to pour concrete when attached to an excavator quick hitch. The concrete is discharged straight into the bucket from a concrete lorry, or similar, and can then be poured into the required area. It is especially beneficial for small sites and civils works, where a concrete skip or a concrete pump is not required.

It can be used to pour other materials, such as loose gravel. It is not designed to scoop material from a stockpile on the ground.

Excavator Pouring Bucket Hire Request

  • The bucket allows easy transportation of concrete to areas where a concrete lorry can’t get to. The excavator can track across uneven ground to the pouring location.
  • Quick and simple to attach, with adjustable pin centres and different pin sizes to suit any model of excavator quick hitch.
  • Excavator Pouring Bucket 380 can be supplied with 45, 50 or 60mm pins to suit 5 to 9 tonne excavators.
  • Excavator Pouring Bucket 700 can be supplied with 65 or 80mm pins to suit 13 to 22 tonne excavators.
  • Excavator Pouring Bucket 1200 can be supplied with 90, 100 or 110mm pins to suit 30 to 50 tonne excavators.
  • There is pin storage for the other size pins if you are needing to alternate use between different size excavators.
  • The bucket can be filled directly from the concrete lorry, preventing double-handling.
EA014-00380 Excavator Pouring Bucket 380 1075mm 1520mm 640mm 1000kg 155kg 380 litres 5 – 9t excavator
EA014-00700 Excavator Pouring Bucket 700 1210mm 1775mm 1020mm 2100kg 450kg 700 litres 13 – 22t excavator
EA014-01200 Excavator Pouring Bucket 1200 1220mm 2240mm 1220mm 3600kg 625kg 1200 litres 13 – 22t excavator
EA014-01300 Excavator Pouring Bucket 1300 1330mm 2490mm 1450mm 3900kg 730kg 1300 litres 30 – 50t excavator

*Working Load Limit