Excavator Pipe Laying Hook

An excavator attachment used for fast and safe handling of pipe sections.

The Conquip Excavator Pipe Laying Hook can be used for unloading pipe sections from delivery vehicles, transporting them around site and placement in trenches.

It is a safe alternative to other pipe lifting methods as it avoids the need for ground workers to be in the trench during pipe installation, and replaces traditional slinging methods for unloading trucks.

Excavator Pipe Laying Hook Hire Request

  • There are rubber stops on the back plate which act as a protection buffer to prevent pipes from breaking when sliding into the back plate.
  • In addition, concrete pipe sections can be fitted together in a trench using this excavator attachment, which reduces the need for operatives to enter an excavation.
  • There are adjustable pin centres to ensure the Excavator Pipe Lifter can be fitted quickly to the quick hitch of most types of excavators.
  • The Excavator Pipe Laying Hook is supplied with 65mm or 80mm pins, which in most cases will suit excavators of 13 to 22 tonnes capacity.
  • All Conquip excavator attachments are manufactured in the UK from British or European materials, as a result they are a high quality pipe lifting solution.
EA012-04000 850mm 2750mm 550mm 4000kg 300kg 1800mm 80mm / 65mm

*Working Load Limit