Excavator Drag Skip

A large, flat based skip, to be dragged across site by an excavator.

The Conquip Excavator Drag Skip has been designed to be dragged across site by an excavator. Sometimes referred to as a stone-saver or shingle bin, this heavy duty, flat based skip is used to transport shingle, sand, dry mix concrete, any saved material for back-fill, stone and many other bulk aggregates.

Its usage eliminates typical wear and damage to dump truck tipper bodies and reduces material wastage.

Drag Skip Hire Request

  • Sometimes called a stone saver or shingle bin.
  • Flat base for easy movement and transportation.
  • Allows usable material to be accessed by excavators in positions on site where dump trucks cannot access.
  • Low sides designed to enable filling from standard size tipper trucks.
  • Reinforcement wear strips in relevant positions for additional strength.
  • Crane lift points are on each side of the Drag Skip for quick and easy movement of the empty skip around larger sites.
  • By preventing material wastage on the ground, the Drag Skip has saved groundworks contractors up to 3/4 cube of material wastage per load.
GS003-06000 1945mm 4387mm 2089mm 2450kg 7500 litres