Debris Cover

A skip cover to safeguard against dust and loose material falling.

The Conquip Debris Cover is a canvas cover for the Cranelift Builders Skip and the Boat Skip to safeguard against loose material and dust falling from the skip, especially when in transit.


  • An elasticated fastening ensures it is quick and easy to attach and remove from the skip.
  • Strong material for multiple uses.
NE312 2000mm 2000mm 2 Yard Builders Skip
NE305 2000mm 2600mm 4 Yard Builders Skip
NE310 3000mm 4500mm 6 Yard Builders Skip
NE308 3500mm 5000mm 8 & 12 Yard Builders Skip
NE313 1400mm 1800mm 500 Litre Small Boat Skip
NE302 1600mm 2200mm 750 & 1000 Litre Small Boat Skip
NE301 1800mm 2600mm 1500 & 2000 Litre Small Boat Skip