Cranelift COSHH Drum Store

A store for the safe storage of COSHH Drums that can be crane lifted when full.

The Conquip COSHH Crane lift Drum Store is a fully enclosed, secure COSHH compliant unit for the storage and transportation of fuel drums.

It has capacity for up to four 205 litres drums, plus a shelf at the back of the unit which provides further storage for smaller paint containers or small chemical storage. The store has a mesh floor to prevent having to step into the sump if hazardous chemicals do leak.

  • Capacity for up to 4 x 205 litres drums.
  • Crane lifting and fork pockets to allow it to be moved when full, providing the drums have been secured with a suitable ratchet to the securing points.
  • COSHH compliant, there is a 110% volume bund of the largest item.
  • Mesh floor to prevent having to walk in the sump if hazardous chemical leaks.
  • Fitted with an internal shelf for smaller chemical containers.
  • Large door opening, to accommodate a standard pallet width.
ST132-04117 2050mm 1460mm 1220mm 1000kg 440kg

*Working Load Limit