Crane Forks

These forks are self-levelling for crane lifting palletised loads.

The Conquip Crane Forks are a lifting accessory to be used with a crane or other lifting machine to move palletised loads, where a forklift or telehandler cannot access or would prove inadequate.

A spring-loaded design ensures that the forks are self-leveling regardless of the weight of the load.  The telescopic customisation option allows easy height adjustment of the forks, to lift a variety of loads.

Crane Forks Hire Request

  • Manufactured with a spring loaded lifting eye, which ensures a balanced lift at all times.
  • Fully self leveling when placed on the ground ensuring storage of the forks is easy and safe.
  • Adjustable height allows flexibility with size of load lifting, particularly with the telescopic crane forks option.
  • Conquip recommends use with a Crane Forks Cage – our new fail-safe lifting solution for moving and lifting blocks and bricks. Designed for use with the Crane Forks, to change current methods of using a safety restraint net.
CA103-02000 Telescopic Height 1960mm 1180mm 940mm 2000kg 150kg
CA102-02000 Fixed Height 1975mm 1200mm 950mm 2000kg 190kg

*Working Load Limit

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