Concrete Column Skip

A versatile, all-purpose skip for pouring concrete.

The Conquip Concrete Column Skip, sometimes known as a Tremie Skip, is a versatile, all-purpose skip for pouring concrete.

The Column Skip can be used for more than just columns, it can be used for walls, narrow formwork and pipe laying work.

Concrete Column Skip Hire Request

  • Provided with a 3 metre length of reinforced rubber discharge hose and pull rope for pouring concrete, at no extra cost.
  • No bale arm design available for additional safety.
  • Robust design to ensure durability on construction sites.
  • A strong spring retractor ensures automatic closing of the discharge gate when pouring is complete.
  • Designed to lay horizontally on the ground to assist filling from the concrete truck, when lifted the skip uses the bale arm to return to its vertical position.
  • Available in a range of sizes to ensure there is a solution for every project, regardless of the crane capacity or amount of concrete required.
  • Sometimes known as a tremie skip.
With Bale Arm CS210-00500 1270mm 1970mm 1130mm 1500kg 290kg 500 litres
With Bale Arm CS210-00750 1370mm 2260mm 1520mm 2250kg 330kg 750 litres
With Bale Arm CS210-01000 1370mm 2125mm 1520mm 3000kg 380kg 1000 litres
With Bale Arm CS210-01500 1750mm 2360mm 1780mm 4500kg 640kg 1500 litres
With Bale Arm CS210-02000 1750mm 2610mm 1780mm 6000kg 650kg 2000 litres
Without Bale Arm CS210AA-00500 1270mm 1970mm 1130mm 1500kg 360kg 500 litres
Without Bale Arm CS210AA-01000 1370mm 2120mm 1520mm 3000kg 480kg 1000 litres
Without Bale Arm CS210AA-01500 1750mm 2360mm 1780mm 4500kg 570kg 1500 litres
Without Bale Arm CS210AA-02000 1750mm 3210mm 1780mm 6000kg 650kg 2000 litres
Without Bale Arm CS210AA-03000 1950mm 3210mm 1950mm 9000kg 1000kg 3000 litres
Without Bale Arm CS210AA-04000 2148mm 3774mm 2337mm 12000kg 1480kg 4000 litres

*Working Load Limit